We are building a new way to buy and sell parts for collector car parts.

Our vision is to make it easier to keep our collector vehicles on the road -- running and looking their best.  We do this by creating a great space online specifically for us that is easy and fun to use while supporting the great businesses that keep this hobby vibrant.


Transparency is key so we want great items from reputable sellers with items that are correctly represented. This will keep CPX a trustworthy place to do business.


It has to be easy to find what you want and not have it cluttered with sponsored crap. (We don’t do that.)


CPX is a place where people can come together to help each other out, and hopefully build connections. Let’s have fun and enjoy each other!


We are based in Portland, Ore. and we are excited to be serving the collector community. We love it because true car lovers don’t care about a car’s monetary value, they care about what it means to you. It’s a privilege to be part of it, getting to know folks from every walk of life who appreciate that automobiles are engineering marvels, inspiring art and cultural artifacts.

Hopefully CPX can help us navigate our hobby’s future.

- Chris & Aaron
Chris Bright

I enjoy creating and growing businesses and collecting cars, so CPX is a dream come true.

My earliest memories are filled with Hot Wheels and Indy 500s on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. Life changing events include watching the Lambo in the opening scene of Cannonball Run and the R&T cover story on the Ferrari 288 GTO. My first interesting car was a Porsche 928 which I drove every day and put 175K miles on.

I most recently was co-founder of Zapproved, a legal software company, which is now part of the Vista Equity portfolio. Prior to that, I was with Pixelworks, a semiconductor company that went public in 2000, and co-founded a marketing agency serving tech startups. Currently, I also am an executive partner at Elevate Capital.

I am the President of the Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon (AROO) -- my daily driver is a 1974 Giulia Super 1.3 -- and have been a contributor to Sports Car Market and Alfa Owner magazines. Beyond cars, I spend my time focusing on supporting those experiencing homelessness in my community. And while I don't race cars, I've raced bicycles for 30+ years (a bit easier on the bank account!).

Feel free to contact me if I can help answer questions or be of service in any way.

Aaron Laliberte

My passion is to build interesting and useful things ranging from software to home projects. My first sports car was a Nissan 300ZX, and currently I find it relaxing to ride my Triumph on the beautiful, twisty backroads of Oregon.

I started building databases in high school and have never stopped. I have developed multiple software platforms over the years, including with Chris at Zapproved.

Like a car, great software should get you where you’re going swiftly, safely and enjoyably. If I’ve done my job well, you can settle in with CPX and without any help do what you came to do whether buying or selling.



We have great friends who took time to share their wisdom with us as we set off on this journey. They are listed below in chronological order of when we spoke. Thanks to all of them for the generosity of their time, knowledge and friendship. We can’t thank you enough!

(For the record, these folks have no financial interest in CPX and their inclusion here is not an endorsement of CPX, but we hope to make them all proud!)

Kanth Gopalpur
Kestrel Partners
Allen Alley
The Alley Group
John Lagood and Chris Lichens
Harold's Automotive Service
Peter Sternkopf
Vigilant Systems
Peter Kirwan
Open Asset Registry
Fred Russell
Shirley Collection
Ed Godshalk
Maxim and George Fox Univ.
Keith Martin
Sports Car Market
Frank Mandarano
Car Guy Tour
Joe Potter
Vintage Underground
Bill Gillham
Hooligan Racing LLC
Kerry McMullen
Formerly MIE and Maserati Club Int'l
Philip Yanni
Lancia Innovations
Jim Bennett
Lancia Innovations
Matt Jones
Thor Thorson
Vintage Racing Motors
Cindy Banzer

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