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Weekly Musings for Collector Car People

The Wankel Rotary Engine — A Postmortem

The revolutionary Wankel rotary engine was born in 1957 and was last mass-produced by Mazda in 2012. What caused its death?
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Chaparral's Jim Hall — Inventor of the Modern Race Car

Jim Hall pioneered aerodynamic downforce, ground effects, semi-automatic transmissions, and torsional rigidity that transformed race car design. 
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The Birth of the Supercharger: Invention to First GP Victory

The origins of the supercharger and its circuitous journey into the automobile have a few surprising twists and turns.
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The Greatest Fangio Story Ever Told

Recounting a little-known story from Fangio's early days that reveals how his greatness went beyond just his driving, but also to his mechanical prowess and dogged determination.
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