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Weekly Musings for Collector Car People

Diminishing Returns: The History of 16-Cylinder Engines

Typically in automobiles, more is better but 16-cylinders shows that is not always true.
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Brooklands — The Lost Birthplace of Motorsports

Brooklands was the first banked track and was the forefather of Indianapolis and Monza, but now has been lost to time.
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The Fiat 1100 Engine and the Rise of the 'Etceterinis'

Were it not for the Fiat 1100 engine, an entire generation of handmade Italian race cars known as 'Etceterinis' may never have come to be.
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The Insider's History of Valvetrains

Valvetrains are a vital assembly that has evolved from the early flatheads to 4-valve DOHCs, variable valve timing and beyond.
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