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"Keith Martin Unplugged" with Chris Bright [Video Interview]

CPX Co-Founder gets the inside story on Sports Car Market's Keith Martin
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Season's Greetings from CPX

We are so thankful that you joined us on the journey of creating Collector Part Exchange.
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2020 Was a Boom Year for Collector Cars -- Plus 10 Cars to Chase in 2021!

Bloomberg recently published a feature story called The 10 Cars You’ll Want to Consider Investing In Next Year that announced the fun if somewhat meaningless Hagerty 2021 Bull Market List.
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Parts and the Pandemic: What We’re Hearing

When the COVID-19 outbreak erupted last winter, everyone was uncertain of how it would play out. After 10 months, we know it has been a destructive event on a human and economic level like we haven’t experienced in our lifetimes.
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