Portland Business Journal | Zapproved co-founder back with a hard-driving startup

June 16, 2021

Our launch was featured in the Portland Business Journal with a feature article by Malia Spencer who did a great job in capturing the essence of CPX.

You can read it at https://www.bizjournals.com/portland/news/2021/06/16/zapproved-co-founder-chris-bright-new-startup.html (registration required)


EXCERPT: Zapproved co-founder back with a hard-driving startup

Portland entrepreneur Chris Bright is a car person. His daily driver is a 1974 Alpha Romero Giulia Super. It’s not a car that was widely imported from Italy, so it draws puzzled looks, he jokes.

Bright, who co-founded legal software maker Zapproved, is combining his love of collector cars with his taste for entrepreneurship and launching an online marketplace where auto enthusiasts can buy and sell parts.

Bright is partnering on the Collector Part Exchange with former Zapproved head of product Aaron Laliberte.

“It’s hard to get parts and supplies for classic cars,” Bright said. “It’s a frustration in the community and in the hobby.”

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