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Weekly Musings for Collector Car People

How the Audi Quattro Changed the World

All-wheel drive was invented in the 1800s, but it took Audi to introduce Quattro technology to show how AWD delivers game-changing performance.
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The Bentley Boys — War Heroes, Playboys, Champions

Bentley won 5 of the first 9 editions of Le Mans thanks to a group of wealthy and brave gentlemen drivers who funded innovation. They were the Bentley Boys.
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Medardo Fantuzzi: King of the ‘Panel Beaters’

Medardo Fantuzzi changed the look of sports cars forever and transcended his humble beginnings as a panel beater.
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Riding On Air: How Cars Started Using Pneumatic Tires

Since the beginning of the automobile, pneumatic tires have been standard equipment. Learn how and why that came to be.
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