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A (Much) Better Way to Sell Parts Online
A common refrain of parts sellers is their experiences of selling on eBay such as: high commissions and lots of 'nickel and dime charges', the challenge of getting seen due to sponsored or mislabeled merchandise, and the time-consuming listing process.

CPX solves all of these problems:
  • Lowest commissions for online sales
  • Our search is fair: We do not allow promoted content
  • Get inbound requests
  • Market to actual people who own or work on marques you serve
  • Fast payment that allows customers to pay with credit cards and other popular payment options
  • Integrated shipping app calculates costs and generates labels
Best of all, keep your eBay Store. We can list your items on CPX and you can run them side-by-side. We’re confident your experience on CPX will impress!

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