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How CPX Works

Collector Part Exchange (CPX) is changing the way the collector car world works. Our aim is to make it easier for both the buyers and sellers to find the right parts quickly.

We are a marketplace where sellers of parts can list their items for sale. There are no up-front costs to getting started. Buyers can easily find what they are after and complete the transaction quickly. Once completed, CPX processes the credit card and can make shipping easy and trackable.

CPX wants to offer an outstanding experience for buyers and sellers whether you’re a business or a DIY enthusiast. However you fit into the collector car world, we will make your experience better.

Bringing the collector car community together, one part at a time.

What Makes CPX Different

We have Trusted Sellers with the Best Parts

  • CPX is built to serve the needs of the parts suppliers who have the expertise and inventory to make your car the best it can be.

Use our Powerful Search

  •  Our innovative search engine will help you zero in quickly on what you need. The results will be the best match. No promoted content -- ever. 

Can’t find what you are looking for? Try Part Ping!

  • Simply put what you are looking for into PartPing and let us find it for you. We work with our large network of suppliers to give you the best possible options.

Our Site is Curated

  • We attract the best parts suppliers and we will keep it that way. If someone sells sub-par parts, they will be removed. Also, we don’t allow promoted content so you see the parts that best fit your search, not what someone paid to try and sell you.

Your Trust is important to us

  • CPX is built on a great community of buyers and sellers. We help connect them and ensure that payment and shipping are secure. If you have problems we will help resolve it, so buy with confidence.

How Do I Create an Account?

You have a couple options: 

  • Use your Google or Facebook accounts to sign in securely -- and keep one less password in your mind. 
  • Create an account with your email address and password, which only takes a minute. 

Then go ahead and set up your Garage.

How Does Buying Work?

It starts by clicking “Buy” but it doesn’t end there. If you’ve used the system before, your payment and address will already be there. 

  • Payment -- We use a leading payment system that handles all major payment methods and can securely save your payment preferences after your first purchase.
  • Communication -- Given the nature of parts, the seller may clarify with a message to ensure you are getting the right part for your car. 
  • Shipping -- Agree with the seller on what shipping option you prefer based on shipper and speed. Once on its way, your package can be tracked in real-time.
What If I Have a Problem with My Purchase?

CPX is here to help. Contact us at and share your concerns with us. We will help resolve the issue to everyone’s satisfaction. We want you to focus on your car, not on sorting out problems that may arise.

How Does Part Ping™ Work?

Think of it like a concierge to help you find the parts you need. If you can’t find something, or don’t know where to start, then try Part Ping! Complete the form and hit the “Ping” button. The request will be shared with suppliers that are knowledgeable about the car you are working on. It will also be posted where owners of the same vehicle can see it and provide advice. You will receive helpful responses with parts that are available, other parts that would work, or even a contact for someone who can refurbish the part you have. Give it a try!

Setting Up a Garage -- How and Why?

A Garage is where you can store information about the vehicles you own or are interested in. If you are a restoration or repair shop you can store your fleet of client vehicles. You can even give them nicknames, which could be customer names for professional service providers.

Start by going in and select the year, make, model, sub-model, trim and engine (where applicable). Having a Garage set up will help you:

  • Find Parts Faster -- When searching, select a car from your garage . When you type in a part, it will focus on only those items that fit your car.
  • See What’s New -- Get regular updates on what new items are available for your cars. Perhaps a hard-to-find item turns up or you see something that will help make your car the best it can be.
  • Ask for Help -- If you need some advice, send a note to other owners with the same car in their garage and see if they can provide guidance to help you out.
  • Provide Help -- If you’ve solved a problem and see another person experiencing the same thing, then share your knowledge!
How Do I Sell Parts?

Set up an Account, open your store, and sell your parts.

First, create an Account then open up your Dashboard under Account Settings to connect a bank account to our secure payment system so that you can receive your funds quickly. Be ready with key information such as your bank routing and account number as well as your tax ID number.

Second, create a store by picking a store name, then you can add your location, logo and description, if desired. 

Last, list your parts. With the set-up work done, now it’s time to list a part. On your Dashboard, select Inventory and then Add Product button. It is a quick three-step process:

  • Enter the product name, a title that will appear on the listing, description, category, price, condition, quantity available and shipping cost. 
  • Upload photos and documents that will help inform a potential buyer.
  • Final step identifies which vehicles this part fits, also known as “fitment.” Choose all that are appropriate.The part will go “live” when you click the Save button. 

Congratulations, you are ready to sell your part or parts!

What if I am a parts supplier and have a large inventory?

Come on board! We provide ‘white glove’ treatment and can help you enter your parts at no cost to you. This is particularly helpful for those with a substantial inventory. If you have an existing inventory management system, we can also connect it so you only have to manage parts in one place.

Contact us at

How Does CPX Help Professional Restoration and Repair Shops?

Collector Part Exchange was designed to make procuring and tracking parts lists as easy as possible. 

  • Shop a Broader Pool of Suppliers -- Whether you are optimizing for price, originality or shipping time, CPX can help you zero in on what is most important. 
  • Present More Options to Clients -- More suppliers means more options for your clients. Let them choose whether they want  a NOS, used, or remanufactured part, allowing your client to have the car the way they want it.
  • Track Parts Lists -- Keep organized when on the hunt. Gather a list of parts needed and then go track them down one-by-one so you can stay on task. If you are having trouble finding a needed component, give Part Ping a try and see if the part is out there.
  • Spend Less Time Searching -- Going on a scavenger hunt is fun, but not when you have deadlines and budgets to meet. CPX will help you find the parts you need with less effort and time which will make your business more profitable.
What If I Want to Sell a Service?

Do you provide a service that directly relates to collector car parts, such as repairing radios for Model Ts, refurbishing an original speedometer, or rebuilding a rear-end (aka a differential), then we can help. Services like these will appear when someone is searching for that category of part for the vehicles that you service. These services can often be invaluable for maintaining the originality of a vehicle. 

To list a service, contact us at and we will help you set it up.

Who Pays for CPX?

Commissions are paid only when an item is sold. There are no up-front costs to list a part. The seller is charged a reasonable commission which is subtracted from the sale price when the funds are transferred to the seller’s account. The commission is lower than any other marketplace and we have seen and there is a cap on total fees.

We want our pricing to support sellers by being simple and transparent.

Benefits of the CPX Community

When you create an account you are automatically part of the CPX community. Welcome! The most visible way to engage the community is by asking a question regarding a specific car model on which you need advice, or conversely replying to a request from another owner. This is a great way to meet other owners and either share or benefit from the wisdom of others. Also, if someone issues a Part Ping for a part for a car in your Garage, you’ll receive a notification. If you can assist, then by all means reply.

Why Rate a Purchase?

This helps build the fabric of trust in CPX. Sharing positive experiences will benefit sellers and encourage others to patronize them. If a purchase could be better, the feedback will help the seller address any issues to avoid them in the future. Finally, if a seller is behaving poorly, this will help us address them swiftly to ensure that CPX continues to provide a positive experience going forward.

What Does It Cost to List Parts on CPX?

CPX’s commission structure is designed to be transparent, but more importantly we want it to be the lowest option out there. Our fees structure is friendly to parts sellers to help support their businesses by having them keep more for themselves.

Our pricing is about as simple as it gets: a 4.85% commission on the final sale price. We also pass through the credit card processing costs which are 3.15% of the sale price and a fee of $0.60 per transaction. It nets out to 8.0% plus $0.60. By comparison, eBay is in a best-case scenario 12.9% plus $0.65.

CPX has no other fees to use the system. We do not "nickel and dime" buyers or sellers like other marketplaces which even charge you to have a bold headline!

For shipping, we use a service which handles providing options for shipping and then can generate shipping labels. The costs for shipping are passed through, but the credit card processing fee does apply. We do not mark up the shipping costs.

We believe this is how it should be done, but it’s not how most marketplaces work. Compared to eBay, a seller will keep approximately 5% more of the final sale price when selling on CPX. That makes a big difference on your bottom line.

How Is Your Information Secured?

Collector Part Exchange operates to high standards of security to ensure that personal and financial information is protected.

Data Privacy

We value your privacy and guard your email address. By signing up for the newsletter or providing your email, you agree to receive marketing emails. We will not share your email information with anyone else. If you do not wish to receive marketing emails, please Unsubscribe or send an email at

Financial Information

Collector Part Exchange uses leading payment processor Stripe. We do not handle or have access to any of your financial information. Stripe is PCI Service Provider Level I compliant, "the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry." Read more at


CPX respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. Your personal information is collected and stored to facilitate online transactions on our marketplace. Basic information concerning your visit to this site is used to improve its service. Your data is never sold or shared with unauthorized outside parties.


CPX uses industry-standard encryption to protect your personal and payment information during and after your transaction. Users have the option to use popular identity management from Facebook and Google or create an account directly in CPX. Account information including passwords are encrypted.


How Does CPX Handle Shipping?

Sellers have the option use the shipping service Shippo but it is not mandatory. The service allows buyers to choose their preferred service provicer, including USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL, and how quickly they want the parcel shipped. Buyers will be able to track their package in real-time and even have control over delivery.

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