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A No-Risk, No-Hassle Way to Sell More
We know that you’re not interested in becoming an e-commerce expert, but you are interested in selling more inventory. CPX is here to help you get more online traction with our service-oriented marketplace. Best of all, you can target your parts to  knowledgeable buyers who care for the cars you serve.
Best of all, you can try CPX with zero risk and minimal effort. Here’s how:
  • Create your CPX Store
  • Our team will assist in getting it set up with our white-glove service
  • Go live and we’ll help you track your inventory
  • Buyers can ask questions to help ensure they are getting the part they need
  • When you make a sale, our platform handles the transaction and transfers funds fast
  • CPX generates a shipping label and lets the buyer track the delivery

You can offer your parts solely on CPX or in parallel with your other online efforts whether that’s directly through your site or on eBay, Amazon or other platforms. We are confident that our experience will be easier and the buyers will be the enthusiasts you like to deal with.

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